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All Hands-on Workshops will be held during Annual Meeting

Members: $500/session | Non-Members: $600/session

Participants do not need to register for the Annual Meeting to enroll in the Hands-on Workshops.
Admission by ticket only. Attendance is limited. Pre-registration is required. On-site registration will not be permitted.

PLEASE NOTE: Hands-on Workshops will NOT be livestreamed or recorded for on-demand viewing.

8:00 am – noon


Immediate Provisional Restoration of Post-extraction Socket Implants

Stephen Chu, DMD, MSD, CDT

This presentation will focus on the immediate temporization of extraction socket implants with either custom healing abutments or full provisional crowns. Temporary restorations will be made both free-hand or with pre-formed gingival former devices to capture the shape of the peri-implant tissues. A step-by-step technique will be shown in the fabrication of these restorations as well as the importance of doing so in preservation of tissues post-extraction.

Upon completion of this presentation, participants should be able to: 1) discuss the importance of immediate temporization; 2) describe how to make a custom healing abutment; and 3) explain how to make a full provisional restoration.

1:00 – 5:00 pm


Digitally and Biologically Driven Full-arch Reconstruction

Alessandro Pozzi, DDS, MSc

Digital workflow can enhance the treatment of complex cases in which the anatomic deficiencies must be addressed, as well as the demands of a minimally invasive approach and high esthetic outcome. Advanced optical scanning technology, blended with the CBCT assessment conducted with the “Smiling Scan Technique” provide the team with a comprehensive virtual scenario that will drive decision-making toward a personalized treatment plan. New surgical and prosthetic protocols based on the dynamic navigation technology will be widely described to allow the attendees to deliver a precise position of the implants as well as of the complete arch x-guided prosthesis. The new digital assisted soft tissue sculpturing (DASS) technique to sculpture the bone and soft tissue and the use of xenogeneic collagen matrix to achieve a scalloped interface for highly esthetic pink free restoration will be presented on real patient models. The interplay between IOS scanning, navigation systems and modern biomaterials for soft-tissue healing enhancement and development drives the participants to the next level in terms of accuracy, predictability and low morbidity.

Upon completion of this presentation, participants should be able to: 1) analyze the benefits and disadvantages of using digitally guided surgery and prosthetic techniques; 2) explain the different clinical indications of CAD/CAM template guided implant surgery and x-guide navigation implant surgery; 3) determine when immediate loading is feasible; and 4) describe the soft-tissue interface for pink-free full-arch restorations.